Help our Military Veterans/Retirees have a day of fun. Donate Today!!

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    What we do

    We are a 501(c)(3) that collects donations to take Military Veterans/Retirees on offshore fishing adventures.  We accept tax deductibe donations so these trips are free to the Veterans/Retirees.


    Coming Soon!

    Current News

    We just recently obtained our non profit status approval from the IRS (6/2018).  We are looking forward to giving as many Military Veterans/Retirees a day of fun and relaxation as possible.  Every little donation helps to cover the cost of fuel, bait and incidentals for each trip.


    1. Who can go?

    Military Veterans/Retirees, Spouses/Significant Others, Service Animals are welcome as well.  We can fit up to 5 people per trip on the boat.  Active Military personnel are welcomed as well.

    2. How do I get on a trip?

    You can contact us via phone. email, or our Facebook. We will need proof of military status as we are a chartibale organization. We can work out a convenient time.  Remember - We are in Central Florida so the later we leave the hotter it will be!